Frankincense (Dhofri Luban )

Product Description

The province of Dhofar is an important center for the trade of frankincense in the Arabian Peninsula for thousands of years. The frankincense is considered one of the economic resources of Dhofar.
The frankincense tree does not grow except in limited places in the province where frankincense is extracted from trees near Salalah.
And our company has been keen to restore the province of this role as the company is a major player in the frankincense trade in the Sultanate and there are several types of Luban including:

• Al-Hawjari : Its trees grow in the eastern parts of the region, which is the finest species
• Al-Najdi      : Named on Al-Najd area lies to the north of Dhofar and Central Highlands
• Shazri          : Its trees grow in the western part between Najd and the area of rainfall.
• Ashabi     : Named to its growth in the plains and reefs affected by rain and It is the least types of frankincense quality